You Do Not Need Another 2020 Planner to Make Your Life Organised

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you do not need another planner
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The Money Trap

A new year means a new you, and as we get closer to 2020, you’re probably thinking about making some big changes in your life. Whether your resolution is about getting fit or finding more balance in your life, there’s one thing to remember: you don’t need another planner. 

It’s a common mistake that happens year after year. Stores fill their aisles with shiny, trendy planners that promise to help you destress and make life easier, but it’s only a money trap. Social Media influencers will start to advertise their trendy, aesthetic and expensive 2020 planners. The true secret to being more organised is much simpler: becoming minimalist.

Simple is not always easy, but minimalism can be made easy

If life is overwhelming and you’re in need of some serious reorganisation, try taking a step back first. What’s the real root of the problem? Is it that you need a neatly laid out schedule, like a planner would convince you to do, or is it that you just have too many commitments? 

The key to easy minimalism isn’t just clearing everything out of your schedule, though. Taking what you have and making the most out of it, in addition to coming to terms with procrastination, laziness, or lack of motivation will help you stay organised and feeling good in the long run.

Get a whiteboard or glass board instead

If you still need a space to visually organise your events and time, try using a whiteboard. A clean slate helps boost your creativity and is multipurpose, meaning less clutter for you. Vision boards are great as well to prioritise what you want most out of life and turn your focus inward. The last thing you want is to fall into the trap of buying a fashion-forward planner and nice accessories, only to have it clutter your desk and be forgotten about.

Redefining You

Becoming minimalist is a smart move in 2020 that will help improve every area of your life. Having a peaceful inner self is just as important as having a clean space. Learning how to live in the moment and take life day by day will not only help you change your self but provide you with longterm success. A planner, on the other hand, expires after a year! 

How to improve my organisation and mental focus by becoming a minimalist?

If improving your organisation and mental focus is at the top of your resolution list, then try taking a new approach. You’ll find that reorganising your space and time will be the gateway to true productivity. It might be tempting to buy a new planner come the new year, but remind yourself: you don’t need another planner!

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